Looking after the wellbeing of Claygate since 1997
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Looking after the wellbeing of Claygate since 1997
5-6 Sydney Terrace, The Green, Claygate, KT10 0JJ

How Massage Helped Mo Farrah to win Olympic Gold

When Mo Farah competed at the Beijing Olympics, he didn’t even make the 5,000m final. So for London 2012 he looked for help and found it at the Nike Training camp in the US, where his new coach totally changed his approach.

As well as introducing strength training and posture analysis into his training programme, his coach underlined the importance of ‘recovery’ for his muscles. Mo has regular massage treatments which reduces the tightness and soreness of his muscles.

Mo says massage helps;

“I get massaged…… all the time, it’s so important when you’ve put you body through hard work.”

How does massage therapy work?

Muscle soreness isn’t caused by lactic buildup as was once thought, but by microscopic damage to muscle fibres. This damage can be due to sports training or repetitive tasks like working on a computer. Massage helps the muscle fibres heal through improving the blood circulation and toxin drainage – resulting in the muscles repairing stronger than before.

Because it reduces muscle tension and soreness, massage is perfect for ‘desk jockeys’ as well as elite athletes such as Haile Gebrselassie, who is known to benefit from daily treatments.

When should I book in?

Mo and Haile require daily treatments, but for the rest of us it is advisable to book in with our Massage Therapists when you feel tight muscles complaining. Many of my clients have been slaving away at a computer all day resulting in painful neck and shoulder muscles. If these are not treated they can cause headaches, migraines, and sleep disturbance

How often should I go?

Some of our clients who enjoy sports or suffer from neck and shoulder tension from work find that regular maintenance sessions (every 4-6 weeks or so) help once the initial injury is resolved. But the best advice I can give to my patients when they ask is to seek treatment before their niggle becomes an injury

– Zoe Ross, Massage Therapist

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